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Federal and state courts throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia, and elsewhere

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For information about consumer rights/credit card debt/debt buyer cases, go to the credit card debt cases page.

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Helping individual clients.  For individuals, for businesses, and for owners, employees, officers, and directors of businesses. the idea of litigation -- suing or being sued -- can be stressful, can seem burdensome, and can stir up all kinds of uncertainties and anxieties. Yet sometimes it can't be avoided.

No one who is being sued -- or is even threatened with being sued -- can just ignore it.  You have to deal with it, and the sooner the better.  Let me help you deal with it now.  Maybe I can help you see that it's really just a small problem now, and we can find a painless solution.  Don't let it grow into a much bigger problem later.  Or maybe the best defense will be a swift counter-attack.

I also can help with problems involving criminal law.  At this time, my criminal law work is limited to post-conviction proceedings including appeals and habeas corpus.

And if you have been seriously wronged -- whether because a contract has been broken, because the police or other authorities have hurt you or trampled on important rights, because of serious economic or physical injury, or because of a serious dispute of some other kind -- then you need to consider going to court, that is, filing a lawsuit.

I can help.  You don't need to face your adversary or the court alone.  Court procedures can seem strange and confusing, but I've dealt with them and can do so for  you. I can work with you to plan strategies to strive for the best possible outcome, whatever that might be -- to obtain fair and satisfying compensation for wrongs that have been done, to prevent wrongful actions by others before they cause harm, or to avoid potentially devastating judgments requiring you to pay money to someone making a claim against you.

I can help take the burdens, anxieties, and uncertainties off your back. I can stand at your side, be there to protect your rights and shield you from unfair tactics, and be the strongest and most effective advocate for you that I know how to be.

I am proud whenever I help a business or individual client, in a large matter or a comparatively small one.  No case is inherently small.  What is important is the importance of the matter to you.

Also I am proud of landmark and groundbreaking civil rights/civil liberties cases involving police misconduct that I have successfully litigated in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.  I am happy that I have had the opportunity to address the U. S. Supreme Court in a number of briefs on matters that affect us all involving our rights under the Constitution.   I am equally proud of work that I have done for corporate clients, saving them tens of millions of dollars, and getting courts and governmental bodies to honor their rights and to afford them fair and lawful treatment.

I believe firmly that every case is important, and each is unique, whatever its size; no two are ever exactly alike.  Each has its own wrinkles -- each presents its own opportunities and its own challenges.  Each client also has specific goals and needs.  I do not run a cookie-cutter practice.  My job as a litigator working for a specific a client is always to do my best to understand your own individual goals and with your cooperation to try to fashion and then carry out the strategy that best serves those goals.

Call me, e-mail me, or contact me through this website using my contact form. Let's talk about how I can help.

Providing support to other lawyers; serving you when you need D.C. or Maryland counsel.  I also am ready to provide services to other lawyers including serving as local counsel.  Take advantage of my location in the D.C. area with easy access to federal and local courts within the metropolitan area in both D.C. and Maryland.   Among other things, I can handle matters in D.C. involving the federal government. 
I also can handle matters throughout the state of Maryland.

I can serve in the role that matches your needs -- whether serving purely in a local counsel capacity in support of lead counsel from out of town or serving myself as lead counsel.  Either way, I offer big firm experience and close, individual attention.

Let me take over the burden of researching and writing a difficult or time-consuming brief or memorandum.  I have long and deep experience with a wide range of issues, of both substantive law and procedure.  My academic experience -- having taught at both the Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Oklahoma College of Law -- attests to my facility in handling complex legal issues.  When deep research is required, I usually can do it with little or no computer research cost to you. Contact me for details.

I can assist with other needs as well.  Let me know what they are.

Here is a brief itemization of experience and skills that I can draw upon to help you.  More detailed information is on the subsequent pages of this website that describe my experience more fully and the recognition I have received and that list some of my significant cases:

•    More than 30 years of experience; more than a decade of big firm experience; substantial academic experience and author of judicially cited articles.  I have handled cases both large and small and understand the importance of each one.
•    Admitted in federal and local courts throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia; U.S. Supreme Court; U.S. courts of appeals elsewhere in the U.S.; admitted pro hac vice with local counsel throughout the United States
•    Consumer protection/credit card debt/purchased debt cases
•    Business litigation
•    Complex litigation, including multi-state, multi-party litigation, and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) cases
•    Class actions
•    Products liability
•    Constitutional law
•    Civil rights, civil liberties, and police misconduct
•    Appeals at all levels, including civil appeals, administrative appeals, and criminal appeals
•    Habeas corpus and post-conviction remedies
•    I also am available for other specific projects if you have particular needs. Please contact me.

Phone me, send me a fax or e-mail, or contact me through this website.  If you have a legal problem, I want to help.

Some necessary fine print:  Nothing on the website constitutes the giving of legal advice, and consulting this website does not establish an attorney-client relationship.  However, I will treat all inquiries in confidence.

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